Tibetan Heart Meditation

Tibetan Heart Meditation

This meditation will help you achieve greater ease in your body-mind and a softer heart. If meditation is new to you, start by practicing a few minutes each day and slowly build up to the 15–20-minute range, as recommended in the instructions below. What’s neat is that these practices have been around for thousands of […]

Understanding HeartMath® Technology: How Using Biofeedback Can Help You Develop Inner Balance

Heartmath Ashville SC

HeartMath technology is an innovative approach to improving emotional wellbeing. Learn to change your heart rhythm pattern to create physiological coherence; a scientifically measurable state characterized by increased order and harmony in our mind, emotions, and body. I have been using HeartMath technology for years and find it an amazing tool to quickly shift into a […]

Times they are a changin’ … One era ends and another begins

Dearest Practice Members, I am writing to you today with a full and very grateful heart. It is true that after serving this beloved community for three decades, there is some sadness in the mix of this announcement that is combined with my feelings of deep gratitude and appreciation. As many of you know by […]

Our New Office: How to find us!

Here’s a short video link: How to find our new office. It’s super easy!! https://www.photobytom.com/Whittington…/i-TnCzpvv How to find the “right elevator” https://www.photobytom.com/Whittington-Chiropractic-New-Office-/i-dz4jLcp How to find and use the “handicap” entrance: https://www.photobytom.com/Whittington-Chiropractic-New-Office-/i-h7bFTSM Address: 70 Woodfin Place Asheville, NC 28801    Room 226 Directions: From Charlotte Street to I-240 eastbound ramp.  See the old red brick building […]

Important Personal Message From Dr Whittington To You!

Hi Everyone! I’m writing today to share with you very important information about the upcoming Whittington Chiropractic practice transformation. First, it has been an honor and joy to have served this community with excellent chiropractic care for the past 30 years. Out of my love for you and for the profession, rather than retiring altogether, […]

NS Chiropractic Asheville

If you are looking for a thriving, family oriented wellness office offering NS, NSA, Network Chiropractic (all names of the current branding: Network Spinal) we would like to suggest you check out our office. Our office offers gentle specific care for you to achieve new levels of wellness with a body and nerve system that […]

It’s Back! Our Sizzling Summer New Patient Special

chiropractic new patient special

Sizzling Summer New Patient Special This is a great opportunity for you to share the gift of chiropractic with your friends and family. Refer them to the office this summer and they will receive our Sizzling Summer Special Rate for the new exam and first adjustment. YOU will be entered into a drawing for a […]

6 HIIT Workouts You Can Do At Home

During the past few months, people have been spending more time at home. This has given people the chance to pick up new hobbies, catch up on TV shows, communicate with family members and friends, take care of their overall health and wellness. While gyms might be closed, there are still ways that people can […]

Backpack Safety Tips for Optimal Back and Neck Health

With students getting ready to return to school following the close of summer vacation, you need to make sure that your students optimize their backpacks to protect the health of their back and neck. During the past few years, there has been a growing concern that students are simply carrying too much weight on their […]

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