How To Get the Most Out of Your Wellness Care

Check in with your honest intentions

With proper guidance, inspiration, and education you will feel more successful in achieving your health and wellness goals. Regardless of the type of symptoms you are seeking care for, there is a common denominator that separates those that succeed and those that struggle.

The common element for success is consistency. Keeping at something, especially during the learning process is essential for the learned behavior or skill to “stick.”

Most of us give up way too soon, get easily frustrated without immediate breakthroughs, and rush off to the next best thing that must be it!

I equate my style of chiropractic and bodywork to learning a new skillset.

It is no different than learning to meditate, learning to play a new instrument, getting back in shape, or learning a new language. These things take time to develop. The benefits and rewards often last a lifetime with consistency.

Learning to participate and trust your own healing process is no different. As a facilitator for over 20 years with thousands of clients, I have seen a vast difference in the success of folks that learn to embody the skills that a true “healing lifestyle model” offers.

Our culture’s speed and the quick fix mentality limit our patience, awareness and inner kindness needed in cultivating a new skill. What are your intentions? Are you willing to put in some effort to achieve sustainable changes?


During the initial phase of your care

  1. You will be reconditioning your body-mind to be more aware, in-synch, and connected to the here and now.
  2. As your stress and tension levels drop and your body-mind relaxes, your breathing will naturally deepen and you will begin to feel more alive, open, present, and grounded.
  3. You might be more aware of areas that have been getting your attention for a while. You may also become aware of new areas of discomfort that you haven’t felt or noticed for some time.
  4. A very common experience is the ability to perceive which areas are most relaxed and where breath can get through easily. This is usually accompanied with a sense of softening, feeling less dense, greater mobility, and freedom of movement.
  5. You will become more proficient at dipping into the spacious and connected areas or “resources of ease,” to coordinate that ease into areas of discomfort and pain.
  6. You’ll notice “That which you focus on expands.” By learning to feel more than just the nagging areas, you’ll learn to shift your awareness to areas where freedom lives and develop more sustainable self-care.

The healing process takes a different road for everyone. May your destination not be a place, but rather a new way of seeing.

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To guide and inspire my clients on a path to their highest potentials by improving their physical, emotional-mental, and spiritual wellbeing, empowering them to create the best possible life for themselves and to share that energy in the service of others.

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Omri knows the human body better than any other health care practitioner I have ever worked with.

~Carolyn T


I leave feeling energized and relaxed.

~ S.H.


I have been coming to the center for nearly two years and Dr. Omri is fantastic! He helps me reduce stress, increase energy, eliminate pain and distress – which allows me to fully integrate my mind/ body/ spirit.

~ Jeff W


I’m learning to stand straighter and I feel calmer.

~ Britta B


Within 1.5 days, my body happily returned to its former state of well-being. Pain is gone and I am walking tall. I felt like I was moving on a cloud when I left.  Highly recommended, don’t wait.

~ Karuna C

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