FAQs About Chirosomatics, Entrainment, and OmSource Wellness

Yes, you have come to the right place. Through the lens of different approaches yet with the same underlying principles, we have multiple approaches to guide you out of discomfort and back into ease and balance. During your first two visits, you will learn and feel where tension is stored and how it’s affecting your life energy. Ancillary recommendations will be provided as well, to assist you along your healing journey.

Refrain from a heavy meal or alcohol a couple of hours before your session. Wear loose-fitting clothing, if possible, to allow for easier breathing and movement. Also, please refrain from wearing perfumes as some folks are very sensitive to them.

If weather and time permits, give yourself a few minutes to walk around outside and feel into your body. Try to avoid getting on your phone right away or zipping off, if possible. Having said that, you’ll feel ready to take on life however it shows up after a tune up!

A reliable recommendation is to focus on your breathing. That is also the very first instruction in most meditation and mindfulness practices. Think of your felt sense of breathing as your “anchor,” an awareness you can continually come back to over and over, especially when you drift off or get distracted in thinking. This awareness will begin to deepen as you continue your care. You may also become more aware of areas that have ease and flow versus along with ones that feel stuck or restricted.

No. Simply observe and be with your breathing. Use the felt sense of breathing in and the felt sense of breathing out. Notice the quality of the breath. Is it shallow, or deep? Does it flow easily, or does it feel restricted? Another helpful mindfulness tool is to notice the movements present in the body in the simple act of breathing.

Allow yourself the freedom to feel and be as comfortable as you can. You might wiggle or stretch a bit as you’re settling in. You might notice that repositioning is helpful in guiding the breath through a particular area that has pain or feels stuck. In general, movements (and sound) are both good strategies to release stored tension from the body.

Emotion (or energy in motion) is a natural byproduct of the movement of energy in your body. You might feel joy, tranquility, sadness, anger, or excitement during or after an entrainment. The stored tension patterns we are releasing have certain emotional-mental characteristics associated with them. Getting in touch with what is showing up without over interpreting it, allows that emotion or energy to dissipate and can be very freeing. 

You may feel like sighing at times to let out a sound, which does not always have to be loud. Sound allows an expression to occur in the moment. Don’t hold back; it is normal, perfectly okay, and beneficial for you to feel safe enough to release stored tension through sound – essentially an audible exhale. Sound activates your emotional brain and is an outlet for releasing stored tension.

The word “entrainment” refers to a coordination of a biological rhythm. A common example is that when women live or work together, they tend to coordinate their menstrual cycles. This phenomenon happens naturally, as it does in nature when schools of fish and flocks of birds coordinate movements. People getting entrained together heal, grow, and support each other without having to talk about it. Another interesting side note is that mammals find comfort, safety, and ease in community. There are countless times when members remark how they heard something said to and by someone that they needed to hear on that day.

Certainly! You can have your own room within the group entrainment hours, or you can always schedule private sessions with Dr. Omri. Simply let us know your preference, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

This is a great and important question. I wrote this article to explain the different patterns I’m looking for and what they point to.

Anything new can seem mysterious at first. Gentle cues into the body can seem too light to be “doing anything.” Common feedback and things to pay attention to are whether you’re standing taller or feel more grounded following a session. You may notice a freedom of movement that wasn’t as noticeable prior to your adjustment. You may feel more connected to your breath and its felt sense in the body. The relaxation response is extremely common, and, with time, will become a natural outcome of each visit. 

Sometimes physical symptoms may initially increase or move to different locations in your body as your system is learning to reorganize itself. Trusting in your own healing process is very important in the initial phases of care. That’s where guidance, inspiration and motivation can be essential. I wrote this article to help guide you through the process more gracefully.

This has more to do with the outcome you’re striving to achieve versus a cookie-cutting answer. Most people find that once their initial needs are met, by staying under care at their preferred consistency, they continually feel better and create a greater separation from the symptoms that brought them in. Like any practice, retraining the nervous system to self-correct takes time and becomes more attainable over time.

Your care plan will be unique to your personal needs, time, and finances. Your commitment to your healing process and trust in the recommendations given to you will be met with our commitment to create a care plan that will keep you consistently adjusted and be affordable to you.

Initially, a weekly visit is enough to ensure that we’re going to move in the right direction. Over time, the sweet spot may be two visits per month. But that’s not always the case as everyone is different. There are some people that come in monthly, or seasonally and get great results. The frequency of care also has a lot to do with your lifestyle choices and practices outside of coming in for regular tune-ups.

Absolutely! The style of care that we offer is gentle and honoring for all ages. We see pregnant mothers through their birthing, kids of all ages, as well as the senior population. We offer special family care plans, as families that heal together, grow together!

The OMsource Mission

To guide and inspire my clients on a path to their highest potentials by improving their physical, emotional-mental, and spiritual wellbeing, empowering them to create the best possible life for themselves and to share that energy in the service of others.

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Omri knows the human body better than any other health care practitioner I have ever worked with.

~Carolyn T


I leave feeling energized and relaxed.

~ S.H.


I have been coming to the center for nearly two years and Dr. Omri is fantastic! He helps me reduce stress, increase energy, eliminate pain and distress – which allows me to fully integrate my mind/ body/ spirit.

~ Jeff W


I’m learning to stand straighter and I feel calmer.

~ Britta B


Within 1.5 days, my body happily returned to its former state of well-being. Pain is gone and I am walking tall. I felt like I was moving on a cloud when I left.  Highly recommended, don’t wait.

~ Karuna C

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