About Dr. Omri Sitton

With two decades of experience in the healing arts, Omri Sitton, D.C., Cert. ZB has always been curious about the body, natural health and human potential.

Sessions with gifted healer Omri Sitton, DC, assist me to remain fresh, vibrant, and awakened as I travel the globe.”

~ Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. — Internationally recognized speaker, author, and leader in bridging science and spirit.

As a pre-medical student in the mid 90’s, life was very stressful. I was going to school full time and waiting tables in the evenings. Trying to make ends meet eventually got the best of me. I’m sure it didn’t help that at the time I had neither inner connection or the know how to release stress from my body. The only strategies that I thought were working were physical activities such as surfing, bike riding, and working out.

All of that physical stress, along with family stress and the stress of trying to get into medical school did me in. I developed low back pain that was so excruciating, it’s hard to put into words. That’s why when it comes to pain, I have a deep connection with and compassion for my clients. I can really understand and relate to what they’re going through. The advice I offer comes from personal experience, and I’ve been able to coach people through very difficult times if they’re committed to keeping on the wellness path, changing limiting beliefs and taking on new ways of living.

What changed my life path was the medical model I was relying on to help me with my pain. After seeking some help with no success, I figured out that my body wasn’t asking for intervention through pain killers and anti-inflammatories. My epiphany came at my darkest hour. Laid out on my futon, unable to move and in extreme pain and suffering, I received an insight that would ultimately change my life’s path. I realized that what was happening needed to change from the inside-out not the other way around, especially since the drugs and the medical doctors I was seeking counsel from were of no help.

Life further verified my new awareness by connecting me with a chiropractor – who happened to be a dad of my little sister’s friend. He motivated me to go to chiropractic school. And through that journey I learned to take care of myself so that I can help take care of others. It’s now a deep passion – deep in my bones – and I strive to continue to change countless lives for the better!


Training & Education

I graduated from Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas, Texas in December 2000. I have been studying and practicing chiropractic and various bodywork modalities since 1997.

I have achieved certifications in Network Spinal Analysis, Torque Release Technique, Access Enhanced Perception Training and Zero Balancing.

I also have extensive experience in Percussion Vibration Technique, Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) and various forms of CranioSacral Therapy.

My personal experience with self-care includes the practices of chi gong, mindfulness meditation, continuum movement and HeartMath Institute’s heart rate variability (HRV) biofeedback.


Energy Work & Nutrition

In the realm of Energy, I have studied with Mietek Wirkus – one of the world’s most researched and studied energy healers. I have also completed training in the Syntara Energy Healing System in Santa Cruz with gifted healer, Gitanjali Hemp.

Working with both structure (sail) and energy (wind) allows a gentle movement to naturally occur in a person’s life … like taking out the slack of the sail and helping it to catch the wind for smooth sailing.

As far as helping people fill their nutritional gaps, I have been studying and providing applied clinical nutrition through muscle testing since 2013, mainly Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) and Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT). I’m currently enrolled in Standard Process’ Advanced Clinical Nutrition training.


Dr. Omri’s Approach to Healing

My approach to healing offers a fusion of 20 years of personal and clinical experience stemming from vitalistic and neurology-based chiropractic. Common elements and principles fundamental to a variety of long-standing healing practices continue to be a deep passion of mine and continue to serve an ongoing curiosity.

Through the years, I’ve been asked what it is exactly that I do. I’ve since created a name to emphasize all my training and inspiration. I call my unique approach to healing ChiroSomatics.

My sessions are thorough, gentle and effective. Common feedback from clients includes feeling release of tension and pain, improvement in grounding, balance and mobility, alleviation of stress, amplification of calm and expanded states of awareness.



Since 2001, I have been involved in Dr. Robert Weigand’s “Get Access Workshop” assisting doctors and students to upgrade their inner operating system through sensory enhancement training.

I am currently a Life Chiropractic College West (LCCW) postgraduate faculty member.   I co-teach chiropractors and students with my mentors Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr, Jeff Rockwell. Our seminar, titled “Engaging the Science of Vitalism: Embodying the Biology of Belief in Chiropractic Practice and in Life”, empowers personal growth, enhances participant’s touch skills and offers a deepened connection to oneself in relation to the greater whole.

Common health concerns successfully helped through chiropractic and wellness care:

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The OMsource Mission

To guide and inspire my clients on a path to their highest potentials by improving their physical, emotional-mental, and spiritual wellbeing, empowering them to create the best possible life for themselves and to share that energy in the service of others.

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Omri knows the human body better than any other health care practitioner I have ever worked with.

~Carolyn T


I leave feeling energized and relaxed.

~ S.H.


I have been coming to the center for nearly two years and Dr. Omri is fantastic! He helps me reduce stress, increase energy, eliminate pain and distress – which allows me to fully integrate my mind/ body/ spirit.

~ Jeff W


I’m learning to stand straighter and I feel calmer.

~ Britta B


Within 1.5 days, my body happily returned to its former state of well-being. Pain is gone and I am walking tall. I felt like I was moving on a cloud when I left.  Highly recommended, don’t wait.

~ Karuna C

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