Times they are a changin’ … One era ends and another begins

Dearest Practice Members,

I am writing to you today with a full and very grateful heart. It is true that after serving this beloved community for three decades, there is some sadness in the mix of this announcement that is combined with my feelings of deep gratitude and appreciation.

Dr. Whittington provides care for a one-month old in the early days. This newborn is now an adult and still coming in for care.

As many of you know by now, there are big changes on the horizon at Whittington Chiropractic! For some time now, I have been hearing a call to transition from my vocational life into a new phase of tending even more closely to my own well-being and to enjoy my growing family.

During this time of change, I have been reflecting on our shared journey together. Some of you I have known for decades and some of you I have just met, and some families I’ve been deeply honored to care for over multiple generations! No matter when our shared journey began, I have been touched and inspired by each and every one of you who have entrusted me with your care. I have valued the way you have shared your thoughts and your lives.  We have co-created a rich tapestry of reciprocal gift and blessing. Thank you.

In these almost 30 years, it is hard to fathom that I have assisted thousands of people on their healing journeys. As I enter a new and different season of life, I hope you know that every moment with you has been rewarding beyond words. It goes without saying: I will miss you and I would love to hear from you and keep the connections alive. (If you feel like dropping me a note, my email is below.)

This is the earliest known photo from my very first office on Chestnut Street, 1994. Only there for six months before the big move to S. French Broad Ave.

I’m also grateful that following a long season of discernment and searching, I have found an outstanding doctor to take over for me. Someone I trust to  continue the tradition of  excellence in care you are accustomed to. And so it is with great joy and confidence that I ask you to join me in welcoming Dr. Omri Sitton to the office. Dr. Sitton has already met many of you as we are already deeply into our transition. Your responses so far have been very positive and gracious, as I would expect. While his approach is a bit different than mine, you can trust that he adheres to the core principles of gentle care (through network and zero balancing), with the ultimate goal of helping you to achieve more vibrant health and wholeness through chiropractic. I feel very fortunate to be able to turn over the practice to someone as capable as Dr Omri. I will truly rest easier knowing that you are in his very good hands. “OMsource Wellness” will be the new name.

Through the years, we have always been dedicated to serving the community. Here handing off a check to Lou from Habitat for Humanity. In later years we focused more on food donations.

I sincerely wish you all the best in your healing. May you receive all the gifts that come with a healthier spine and nervous system. May your journey bring you health and happiness, fulfillment and growth, this day, and every day.

Yours in health,

Dr. Tom Whittington

NOTE: As it stands now, my current adjusting hours are exclusively on the Wednesday morning time slots, and my last day will be Wednesday morning, October 26. I really hope to see as many of you as possible between now and then, even if you just want to stop by to say hello to get a hug.

Colorado program, 2023








P.S. We will also be in touch soon regarding an open house for Omri and a bon voyage gathering for Tom. Stay tuned!

Here’s a few memories I’ve managed to salvage.  Enjoy!

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The OMsource Mission

To guide and inspire my clients on a path to their highest potentials by improving their physical, emotional-mental, and spiritual wellbeing, empowering them to create the best possible life for themselves and to share that energy in the service of others.

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Omri knows the human body better than any other health care practitioner I have ever worked with.

~Carolyn T


I leave feeling energized and relaxed.

~ S.H.


I have been coming to the center for nearly two years and Dr. Omri is fantastic! He helps me reduce stress, increase energy, eliminate pain and distress – which allows me to fully integrate my mind/ body/ spirit.

~ Jeff W


I’m learning to stand straighter and I feel calmer.

~ Britta B


Within 1.5 days, my body happily returned to its former state of well-being. Pain is gone and I am walking tall. I felt like I was moving on a cloud when I left.  Highly recommended, don’t wait.

~ Karuna C

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