Yellow Jackets on the attack!!

Yellow Jackets!

image of Yellow Jacket
Yellow Jackets are OUT!


YELLOW JACKETS: Be careful, the yellow jackets are in their attack and sting late summer phase. Careful mowing the lawn and hiking. We just had a report of multiple severe dog and hiker stings on the Mountain to Sea Trail over the weekend.

These stings are very painful and can cause severe problems, duh. Just be careful ok?

I find that when mowing, really pay attention to the mower. It has been my experience that if you mow over a nest, they will sometimes attack the mower first which might give you a moment or two to RUN away. This is however, not confirmed by research!

Mostly, the nests are in the ground. What you will see if you look very carefully is a hole in the ground with sometimes a little dirt piled around it.  If you plan to exterminate or bomb the nest, wait until dark as most of the insects are out and about during the day. They return to the nest at dusk and by dark, most are inside. BE CAREFUL!

If you are stung and get swelling of the throat or have difficulty breathing seek emergency care immediately!!

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