Safe Gardening 101

It is getting that time of year when we start planting our summer gardens.  Having a garden is not only great for nutritional reasons, it is a great way to get some daily exercise.  Did you know that, according to, you can burn 236 calories per hour while gardening?  That is considered a moderate physical activity level. Lets make sure you are gardening safely and keep emergency chiropractic visits out of the picture.

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Safe Gardening Is A Snap

There are many benefits to gardening, but it needs to be done in a safe manner.  Knowing the proper way to lift, bend, weed, and dig are very important to keeping your back in good shape.

When lifting, bend at your hips and knees, not with your spine.  Kneeling is safer than bending over to pick up a bag of soil.  When in doubt, ask for help.  It is much safer to lift an object with two people than trying to lift it yourself. When lifting a wheelbarrow, lift with your weight below the wheelbarrow.  Using an underhanded grip is advised. Use your weight to help you lift, rather than just your muscles.

When bending, keep your back straight.  Bend at your knees and hips, rather than the middle of your back.  Keep your head up.

When weeding, try using a bucket to sit own.  If you have hip, knee, or back pain, using a bucket or stool can help take the pressure off of these areas.  When weeding, sit with a wide base (legs spread) and support yourself when bending.

When digging, use your weight as leverage.  Also, when dumping the dirt, turn your whole body instead of twisting your back.  Keep yourself in alignment.  Spacing out digging with other tasks will also help to keep the strain off of your back.

Keep well hydrated.  In this heat, drinking plenty of water is key.

Following these simple tips will not only make gardening easier, it will also make it more enjoyable by avoiding those nagging aches and pains.

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