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Submitted by Ed Mills owner of Sunny Creek Farm, a certified organic sprout farm:

image of Broccoli - A powerful anti-cancer food
A powerful anti-cancer food

In 1997, at Johns Hopkins University, a team of cancer prevention researchers lead by the world-renowned Dr. Paul Talalay, discovered that 3-day-old broccoli plants —known as broccoli sprouts—contained the highest levels of sulforaphane, a natural compound that boosts the body’s own protective systems.  This group had previously shown that mice that ingested sulforaphane from broccoli, and were then exposed to a powerful carcinogen, developed 80% fewer tumors, and those tumors that did develop were 75% smaller, and slower growing.   Most impressively, 60% of these mice ingesting sulforaphane developed no tumors at all.
This work corresponds to and confirms the epidemiological findings that people who eat more vegetables, particularly cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, have lower rates of cancer and a number of other chronic diseases.  This message has the power to really improve the health of Americans without spending more on health care.
The understanding of the cancer-preventing/fighting properties of broccoli sprouts has been further established since these early experiments. There have been more than 800 studies published in scientific journals. Here are some of the ways scientists have found that broccoli sprouts work to protect the body:

    The pre-cursor compound to sulforaphane found in broccoli sprouts is the nutritional booster of our body’s own defensive and protective systems of antioxidants.  Researchers believe that eating one ounce of sprouts every three days will keep those antioxidants at their peak levels for 2 to 3 days. You would have to eat 1 1/4 pounds of mature broccoli to receive the same benefits. This is next to impossible to do on an ongoing basis, and cancer prevention must be an ongoing effort. These antioxidants constantly detoxify the carcinogens we breathe, eat and drink daily.

    Angiogenesis is prevented and/or suppressed.  This is the process by which a cancerous tumor creates and grows additional blood vessels to support growth, and is a fundamental step in the transition of tumors from a dormant state to a malignant one.

    Broccoli sprouts have been shown to cause cancer cells to commit suicide via apoptosis.  A recent study conducted at the University of California in Santa Barbara illustrated how broccoli sprouts worked in the same pathways and in the same fashion as the two leading chemotherapy drugs used for breast cancer.  The researchers in this study concluded that if eating broccoli sprouts was found not to interfere with the effectiveness of the chemotherapy drugs, they would recommend adding broccoli sprouts as part of the treatment regime, perhaps allowing a reduction in the amount of these drugs in order to reduce the toxicity of existing treatments.

    On April 22 of this year, researchers at the University of Michigan published a monumental study.  Using human breast cancer tissue and lab mice with induced breast          cancer they found that unlike the chemo drugs, sulforaphane also attacked and killed the cancer stem cells.  Without eliminating the stem cells the cancer can return.

These studies and others show how broccoli sprouts offer great promise to fight cancer.
Beyond the numerous peer reviewed scientific papers involving cancer, there are other studies that reveal broccoli sprouts’ promise to:  reduce the threat of heart disease; protect against respiratory conditions like asthma and COPD; undo damage to veins caused by diabetes; kill even antibiotic resistant strains of helicobacter pylori bacteria, the leading cause of ulcers; help boost aging immune systems; prevent macular degeneration of the eyes; protect the skin from cancer causing UV rays; reduce joint inflammation; help with symptoms of  Parkinson’s disease; and help fight Alzheimer’s disease.
The above mentioned studies referenced below can be found and studied on the internet.  These and many more can be read at www.broccoliscience.com.  Please examine the evidence and help us communicate this marvelous scientific discovery.
Thank you for your consideration,
Ed Mills/CEO/Sunny Creek Farm
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