Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Shown to Improve With Chiropractic

Multiple Sclerosis and Chiropractic

I wanted to share this case study of  28 year old female with Multiple Sclerosis who presented in a chiropractic office. She was suffering from with severe neck and back pain

image of pain relief
Relief from Pain

following cervical spine (neck) trauma.  This information is from a case study published in the  ”Journal of U.C. Chiropractic Research” ~ October 27, 2011 ~ Pages 60-65.  It shows how chiropractic has helped someone diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Improvements like this are common. In her exam, indicators of spinal subluxation (misalignments of the spinal vertebrate that alter the function of the nervous system)  were identified using various methods methods including leg length analysis. Due to her severe sensitivity to touch, she was adjusted using a light “toggle recoil” type adjustment (a non forceful, non twisting type of adjustment to the vertebrae) .  She noticed dramatic changes after the very first adjustment  including improved sleep.Within the next five visits she said she had significant improvements in her back and neck pain associated with the trauma and her MS.  She also showed  important improvements in outcome assessment scores using measures like  the “Neck Disability Index”, the Quadruple Visual Analog Scale, and the Headache Disability Index which are self reported outcome measurements that include ratings on  how a disability or pain effects ones daily activities.

Chiropractic Case Study: MS

The study says: Improvement of symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis and corresponding neck and back pain following short-term chiropractic care is reported here by a case study featured in a prominent research journal. Along with previously published work, this report shows an association between the correction of spinal subluxation (specifically in the upper neck) and a reduction in symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis.

Aside from this particular case study, I have personally had moving experiences with MS patients. One story in particular when, following an acute exacerbation or attack of MS, the patient was unable to walk. It involved a house call since she was unable to walk or drive and there was no one to drive her as she lived alone. She had been a patient in the office previously because of her great relief and general physical comfort allowed by her care. It was very sad to see her unable to move about her own home. I assisted her to get on the portable treatment table I had brought and performed a thorough adjustment. After the adjustment, she was immediately able to walk and within a few days was back to her full abilities.

 Since MS is such a nervous system oriented concern, it only makes sense that chiropractic could be of tremendous help in helping improve the quality of life of those diagnosed with MS.


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