Mask Controversy in the Chiropractic Office:

Covid update, The Mask Issue:
We have recently had a difference of opinions about mask wearing in our office from our patients. Many people see masks as useless or even dangerous government intervention. Others feel like masks help

Mask dilema: Covid 19
To mask or not to mask.

prevent the spread of a lethal virus.

As a licensed health care office in the state of NC, we are required to request that our patients wear masks. I am required to wear one as well. This is not legally enforceable.

There are many people coming in my office for care who are health compromised, elderly, or have pre-existing conditions that could put them at risk if they caught something. For many of them, the office is the ONLY place in public they go. They count on me to keep them safe and the office environment clean and to practice social distancing by the way we schedule etc. We continue these safe practices every single day.

If you are morally opposed or afraid of or don’t believe in wearing a mask, I suggest you let us know this when you are scheduling. It may make it more difficult for you to get an appointment but we will find time for you while keeping you away from the vulnerable.

You may say this sounds like we are operating in fear. We are NOT. We are acting in full empowerment to serve the community by having a safe place to go to get chiropractic care, to be healthy without drugs, to strengthen their immune systems through natural health. To be free of nerve interference.

Those people who come in who want you to wear a mask to protect them are BRAVE… they are going to the one place that they trust to keep them safe and help them with their health care protocols.

We give total freedom remove your mask when lying on the table. We only ask you wear it while walking through the office going back to wash your hands and when you walk out or check-out in case you may walk past someone who might be at risk from a pre-symptomatic person. Probably a total of less than 5 minutes to share some love and kindness with someone who is less fortunate than you with their health.

Let me know your heartfelt thoughts please and no political rants. I know this may touch some nerves but I will delete ugly or hate filled comments. We are all doing the best we can here.

Yours in excellent health.
Tom Whittington DC

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