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All About Chiropractic Laser Therapy. 

High Level Laser for Pain. 

How would you like to have a chance to feel relief from pain? Our office is very excited to announce that we now offer Class IV high-level laser therapy.  Our laser therapy treatments are successful because we use one of the most sophisticated, advanced, and powerful lasers in the Asheville, North Carolina area.

Why Should You Choose Our Office For Laser Therapy?

image of laser treatment for wrist pain
Laser treatment for carpal tunnel & wrist pain.

There are many different types of laser: K Laser, Cold Laser, and many others. Our laser is powerful and offers the most effective wavelengths and strength in order to help you heal and feel better.

The results we are seeing immediately are amazing. Often in just 1-6 visits, our patients are telling us they are truly surprised. The laser is giving them the relief they could not get any other way. The number of visits needed depends on how complicated the problem is.

This type of laser is called “class IV” or “high-level laser” and is much more powerful than “cold laser.” Obviously not everyone can benefit from laser therapy so we recommend calling our office and speaking with the doctor. There is no charge to come and speak with Dr Whittington. If we feel you can be helped, any charges will be explained before any services are performed.

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Can Chiropractic Laser Therapy and Treatments Help Me?

Below is a list of just some of the conditions that High-Level Laser therapy can help. If you’d like to deep dive into some detailed information on each ailment, you can follow the linked items to research on those subjects.

If you followed any of the above links you’ll quickly see that High-Level Laser Therapy does help with pain and chiropractic laser therapy can make a measurable impact on almost any pain that is inflamed. Here is a link to research articles on laser therapy.

How Does Laser Therapy Work?

Laser therapy works by activating the cellular matrix. It can also help regenerate tissue, stimulate healing and help prevent scar tissue from forming. Besides that? It just feels GOOD!


Laser therapy uses specific wavelengths of “near-infrared” light to stimulate healing in the cells and tissue. Our patients notice faster healing time, reduced pain, and swelling, as well as increased circulation and range of motion.

Laser healing therapy has been popular overseas for over a decade. It was only approved for usage in the United States by the FDA in 2002.

It’s “photomodulation” effects on the cells reduce inflammation, pain and help prevent scar tissue formation. The light reacts with the cells and improves the transportation of nutrients across the cellular membrane and increases the production of cellular ATP which creates energy for the cells to heal.

All these benefits make Laser Healing Therapy a perfect compliment for your chiropractic care.

What Does Laser Therapy Feel Like? 

image if laser therapy for knee pain
Laser therapy may help many different types of knee pain.

You will feel a comforting sensation of warmth during your visit. The warmth is a side effect of the laser therapy and only penetrates to the level of the skin. The therapeutic value of the laser is not in the warmth but in the penetrating photons of light that go right to the source of inflammation. However, most people find the mild warming sensation very relaxing.

How Many Laser Treatments Does it Take to Feel Better?

  • The number of visits needed depends on the problem itself.
  • For many acute problems, 1-4 visits are all that is necessary.
  • If the problem is chronic, it may take 10-15 visits.
  • Problems like severe arthritis may need ongoing maintenance to continue feeling good.
  • Some people notice a reduction in pain after 1-3 visits.
  • The effects are cumulative and sometimes takes 4-5 visits to notice a difference.

What Could Keep Me From Feeling Better?

With laser therapy, there are several things that could prevent you from feeling better. Most importantly, laser therapy works on problems in which inflammation is involved. Pain related to pinched nerves or worn out joints may benefit from laser therapy. However, with these problems, relief may be partial or

image of foot being treated with Laser Healing Therapy
Foot pain and Plantar Fasciitis can often be relieved with Laser Therapy.


Your chiropractor will give an exam to see if you are a good candidate for laser therapy or not and make a recommendation for the number of visits you might need. This is very important. Chiropractic evaluations are important for getting the best results with laser therapy.  Usually, the best results are gained using both chiropractic and laser therapy.

How Can I Try Laser Therapy?

Simply call our Asheville office at 828-298-0011 and make an appointment.  We will answer all your questions and  take care of the rest!

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We look forward to helping make it easy for you and exploring what Chiropractic Laser Therapy can do for your health.

Page Updated October 23, 2018.

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