Back Care Class: Is your back talking to you? Come to our ”Talk Back” class

Back Care Class Tuesday, September 24 at 6:00 pm

Image of back care class. Man with back pain.
Back Pain Can be Costly

Our back care class at Asheville Chiropractic office, Whittington Chiropractic is designed with you in mind.  During this informative 45 minutes, you will learn clever lifestyle tricks to help prevent back pain and suffering.

What interesting trick  have many housekeepers have  discovered to prevent back pain while standing? (washing dishes, ironing etc)

What is the single most important thing you can do everyday to prevent recurrent back pain and problems?

You will learn these fascinating facts and many more when you attend our class so be sure to preregister now..


Did you know?

80% of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their life?

Costs of back  pain are estimated to be over 70 billion dollars each year!

20% of all military medical discharges are due to low back pain?

Low back pain can be a warning sign that there may be a health problem in the same area. For example, many people who have low back  pain also have constipation, painful menstrual periods in women or ED for men?

Join us on Tuesday September 24 @ 6:00 pm for this 45 minute FREE class.

Just call Whittington Chiropractic and reserve your space now.

828 298 0011

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Omri knows the human body better than any other health care practitioner I have ever worked with.

~Carolyn T


I leave feeling energized and relaxed.

~ S.H.


I have been coming to the center for nearly two years and Dr. Omri is fantastic! He helps me reduce stress, increase energy, eliminate pain and distress – which allows me to fully integrate my mind/ body/ spirit.

~ Jeff W


I’m learning to stand straighter and I feel calmer.

~ Britta B


Within 1.5 days, my body happily returned to its former state of well-being. Pain is gone and I am walking tall. I felt like I was moving on a cloud when I left.  Highly recommended, don’t wait.

~ Karuna C

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