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What is a  holistic chiropractor?   Sometimes people ask me if I have a “holistic”  chiropractic practice. What that means to them is often seems unclear. I think when people ask for a holistic chiropractor, they are looking for someone who will see them as a person. That’s the main thing. Someone who will not treat them as a diagnosis.  Treat them like a prognosis or label them.  Or, give them some unnatural drug or treatment to “cure” their problem, usually making them sicker. Isn’t that what we all want? Someone to treat us like real people? Someone to hear our story? Someone who will work with our natural healing powers we are born with? Someone we can partner with and trust our health and our family’s health to?

What is a Holistic Chiropractor?

Everyone’s idea of what of holistic means may be different.  According to Merriam-Webster dictionary it means: Relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts <holistic medicine attempts to treat both the mind and the body.

While this approach may work from time to time, most often, we really need and desire a deeper approach to our whole being. We want to work with someone who can really see us as a whole picture and not just the “backache” in room 3.  If you have ever seen the movie “The Doctor” a movie starred by William Hurt, you see a story of the medical system turned around on itself. A prominent doctor gets cancer and has to undergo all the medical misery and improperly ordered tests and impersonal care that he has provided to others for years. Spoiler alert, he revolts against the system and winds finding holistic healing through a fellow cancer patient who helps him learn the meaning of life and heal.(In combination with his medical care I might add.  Holistic healing does not exclude medical care, it is just one avenue, not the path)   He not only heals his cancer, but he heals his relationship with his wife and family, with his work and with himself.  This is holistic healing at it best.

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Harness the Healing Power of Light with Laser Therapy

So what is a Holistic Chiropractor?

In  my opinion, a holistic chiropractor is one who looks at the patient in the room as a REAL PERSON with a concern. A holistic chiropractor is someone who understands that most of the time, a neck ache is not just neck pain, back pain is not just back pain. There is a real story behind our body’s messages to us and often it is that very life and story that causes our pain to rise up and be known.

Pain can and does play an important part in healing. After all if we did not have pain, we might just keep going and cause ourselves much more damage.  Pain is of course, the body’s way of sending us a message that something needs attention. What gets confusing, can be figuring out just what needs attention. If we are miserable in our job, hate our family life, have no money for fun or basic necessities, drag our self out of bed every day just to drudge through another, is it any wonder one might have back pain in that case?  Numbing the pain with narcotics is not the answer.In fact, numbing our body’s signal to change can and often does lead to a worse situation. I would think in this case, a heart attack might just be the next symptom experienced.    However, many people feel that if they take a pain pill and the pain subsides, they have solved the problem.  Many of you have probably seen the commercial on TV, “My Pain, My Advil”. Hilarious. The psychological implications of this commercial are too scary to even think about. But, it does work. People identify with their pain and their pain reliever without looking at the bigger picture of what does it mean to have this pain.

A truly holistic chiropractor may prescribe nutritional supplements or exercises. A holistic chiropractor may give lifestyle advice. A holistic chiropractor may only adjust the spine and release the power within the body to heal. But, a chiropractor who is only interested in the pain and making it go away is not truly holistic and indeed may just be a less invasive version of a medical doctor. A holistic chiropractor is someone who “sees” the “whole person” and works to help connect the dots in life between our illness, whatever it may be, and what is going on in our life. Truly seeing the patient as a person and not a ‘backache in room 3.” I used to have what I thought was a funny poke at medical doctors. Here it is:   If a medical doctor were to diagnose smoking car, they would examine and treat the muffler system.  I said this because many times the  cause of the problem is very far removed from the symptomatic expression itself.

In our office we offer quality chiropractic adjustments, nutritional supplements, muscle testing and a desire to help you on multiple levels.

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Updated: 10/01/2017


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