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Belly fat is the most dangerous kind. It is linked with heart disease and diabetes.

Are you interested in healthy weight loss to get the new year off to a good start? Would you like to learn about a proven healthy weight loss system that will help you lose a pound per day and you feel great while doing it? I would like to introduce you to this healthy weight loss system soon. I first heard about this program about 2 years ago. Some of my chiropractic friends out west in Colorado were offering this program to their patients with amazing results. However, I was unsure about adding something like weight loss to our healthy options at the office. But, I kept hearing about the great results their patients were having and I just could not ignore this as a  potential healthy option for our Asheville family.

I flew out to Denver for a special program last fall where I learned all about the healthy weight loss system and all its components. It is so much MORE than just a DIET. Then, I decided that before I offered this to my practice, I would go through the program myself, and I did. You may think I was nuts, but I did this weight loss program starting in early December. That meant that I was on the program through the toughest time of the year to have specific foods I could not eat. The results? I lost 14 pounds AND 4 inches off my waistline  in just 3 and a half weeks.  The amazing part was that I felt REALLY GOOD while on the program. I had a lot of energy and felt very clear headed. In fact, I felt so good that I have decided to keep up with some of the supplements that come with the program and to follow the basic eating patterns as often as I can. The method worked so well that I knew I had to offer it to my practice members here in Asheville.

How it works. First, let me say that for you to get all the details plus a special offer on this program please attend our “Introduction to Healthy Weight Loss” on Tuesday, January 14 right here at Whittington Chiropractic at 5:30 p.m. This intro will last about 30 minutes and will be followed by a special offer that I will not make again. Ok, now back to “how it works.”  Of course there is some calorie restriction involved. You cannot just eat whatever you want in big amounts and lose weight. We all know that. This diet allows very specific foods in a very special sequence that sets your body up to burn fat. The first phase is a cleansing phase followed by a nutritionally backed and enhanced healthy weight loss diet. The whole program takes about 4 weeks. After that there is a “reentry” phase where you slowly add food back to your routine. If you want to lose even more weight, you will repeat the dietary program again as many times as needed to reach your goals.

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What would you gain by losing?

If you are thinking about this program, I would ask you do do something specific before attending the intro program on January 06. I would ask you to get really clear on why you would want to lose weight. What is your goal? For me, it was to lose inches around my waist. I had the belly fat and did not like what that meant for my overall health. For you it could be to look better, to feel better, to start exercising again. Maybe you have a specific pain like a knee pain that you hope weight loss will help with. In other words, I am not sure just setting a goal to lose pounds will motivate you to get healthy. Old habits die hard. To be successful, you must have a goal that drives you. You must have an outcome, that at the end you can see in your minds eye that will help you stay on track. Then, once you have set that goal and established that desire and drive-

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Please set a goal for yourself. Not just to lose weight, but what will you benefit? For me it was to lose my belly fat and I lost 4 inches.

call our office and reserve your spot in our class. For this first class, the seating will be limited and we are going to limit the number of people that can do this program at this special introductory price. This program will only be “new” once. What would you gain by losing a few pounds, or a lot?

Call 828-298-0770 to reserve your spot in our introduction to Healthy Weight Loss Asheville. You will be glad you did.

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