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In my many years of practice experience I feel I have learned some basic truths about chiropractic and healing. image of chiropractic patientWhen I say “truths,” I simply mean things I have observed that seem to hold true in case after case, examples that relate to universal ideas and concepts not exclusively to the chiropractic profession. I would like to share these with you now. Though I do not practice “network” chiropractic exclusively any more, many of these truths have been found in the thoughts and teachings of this type of profound work. The rest is from various sources. It is my pleasure to share these discoveries.

#1- The shape of our spine determines our experience of life. This can be obvious and easy to understand if someone has a serious impairment, but what about more subtle concepts? An artist can depict their subject’s emotional state with a slight head tilt or rounded shoulder; not even a facial expression is necessary for us to portray the feelings of the artist’s subject. It’s simple, our emotional state is revealed in our posture. The converse is true as well. According to Tony Robbins, renowned motivational speaker, we can change our emotional state by simply adjusting our posture. Try it sometime when you are feeling sad or depressed. Lift your head, level your chin and bring your shoulders back take a deep breath and see what happens. Some postural patterns become stuck or engrained. Also, some patterns may be difficult to change by simply repositioning ourselves. Deep postural release through proper chiropractic care can lead to profound healing on many levels.

2- Some tension patterns do not do well if a forceful thrust is applied to the spine. Ever kicked a tire that had too much air in it? The concept of different types of subluxations being addressed by gentle and traditional force applications, each at the proper time, was central to the early teachings of “network’ chiropractic. No wine before its time, or “no forceful adjustment if the body is defending the area.” These ideas if properly applied help the patient feel honored, seen and appreciated where they are in their healing process and can achieve maximum results as well.

3- The nervous system has a vibrational quality that is altered by the tension of our spine and central nervous system. Chiropractic adjustments effect this tension and quality. This shouldn’t be too far a stretch for most Asheville residents who speak of vibrations all the time. Tension and its resulting effect on the tonal quality of the central nervous system has a profound effect on how we feel and express ourselves. Compare this to a stringed musical instrument. There is an optimal amount of tension or absence of tension needed for great music to be played. Certain tension may create a posture and feeling of defensiveness. Other tensions and the resultant postural patterns are associated with a feeling of powerlessness or conversely, self-empowerment. The expression “he’s all wound up” may help us to understand this and get the universality of this concept. A great example? Watch Tiger Woods walk. His posture is that of a champion that puts fear into his adversaries. You can almost imagine the superhero cape flapping behind his shoulders.

4-Poor lifestyle is just as harmful to the spine and nervous system as physical trauma. Poor diet, lack of exercise, or emotional trauma can cause physical pain that mimics or creates physical trauma. Pain is not always physical. By removing the pain, without addressing the causes may allow one to continue a destructive lifestyle that leads to future decline. Often we do need to simply be patched up to continue on a necessary but hurtful life path. Hopefully this is temporary and real healing comes with adjustment and the lifestyle changes, best if sooner than later.

6- Here I share my favorite Chinese proverb. “You are only as old as your spine and your knees”. If you will, picture in your mind’s eye a very unhealthy person suffering the torment of old age. My guess is that your picture includes a really bad spine with the twists of a bonsai tree the turns and stiffness commonly associated with poor aging and a life of unresolved trauma. We are expected to live longer now so take care of your spine. Eat right, stretch, exercise and get adjusted. The inclusion of these three simple practices could save our lives as well as the national deficit.

Finally, the spine and indeed our bodies are magnificent and self-healing. Chiropractic philosophy expounds that for the body to function properly it simply needs no interference. The chiropractic adjustment removes interference by correcting blockages in the nerve pathways and the communication of the central nervous system with the rest of the body. The body moves more freely reducing wear and tear that leads to arthritis, illness and dis-ease. Spinal adjustments are good for every “body.” Call your local chiropractor for a spinal check up today. ”



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