Tiger Woods: You Got Some Bad Advice About Your Back

Dear Tiger Woods

This article was written several years ago. At that time, it was obvious to me that Tiger Woods was getting bad advice on his back care. The comments he was making to the press led me to believe he was in the hands of incompetent help. I hated to say this at the time, because at that time it was speculation on my part and his ultimate outcome had not been revealed. However, now that Tiger Woods may have lost his career due to bad care and advice I feel bolder that I was correct when this article was written.


Dear Tiger Woods,

We are all happy to see you return to tournament golf at the Masters this year. Personally I hope your back holds up for you.


Image of Amen Corner At Augusta National
Amen Corner at Augusta National Golf Course

I, like others have watched your great career in golf. It has been disheartening to see your false starts and injuries on the golf course. I would like to make a suggestion to you about how you look at your back and the advice you are getting. Or the advice you are getting but not listening to. The following is based in excerpts of snippets you have actually said that show me things have not been all well for you and your back.

Believe it or not, your back was not hurting because you needed part of your disc cut off. Your back pain is not because your sacrum “popped” out in a sand trap and when your “physio” “puts it back in”, you are not “fine.” Fog, and waiting between holes to play does not make a healthy back seize up to the point that a championship player cannot play and therefore must embarrassingly leave the field in a golf cart like a little old lady with a sprained ankle. No. You deserve better care than that. You deserve better care than what will limp you back out onto the course for another embarrassing injury. You deserve to be told when it is TRULY safe for you to return for competition. You deserve the care that will help your body heal so it is safe for you to play. So you can play without injury and play your best. You deserve care that will help you have more flexibility and strength than you thought possible at this point in your career. You deserve to know now your body works, how it heals, what hurts it and how you can pick up the pieces from here and go on. Whatever that means for you at this point. Call my office today and let me show you how you can really be helped to be as healthy as possible before you swing again.

Enjoy some photos from this years The Masters 2015. Recent photos of Tiger Woods taken by Dr Whittington at the Masters in Augusta Georgia on Wednesday, April 8 2015. All rights reserved. Copyright  www.photobytom.com

image of tiger woods at masters 2015
Tiger Woods plays the Par 3 challenge. Masters 2015
image of tiger woods on Augusta national 2015
Tiger walks up the hill on number 14 at the masters golf tournament
Image of Tiger Woods at Augusta National 2015
Tiger Playing the Par 3. He stuck out his tongue a lot that day!
image of tiger woods being interviewed at the Masters
Tiger Woods drew a lot of attention from the media. His comeback is big news.

Image of tiger woods and lindsey vonn
Tiger Woods with his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn and his children at the Masters
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