Cut Your Risk of Flu In Half!

Did you know that you can cut your risk of catching the flu almost in half?

image of nutritional supplement for flu. Cataplex D
Vitamin D fights flu

No we are not talking about the flu shot here folks. We are talking about a vitamin. Are you surprised? We were. In this day and age where flu shots are offered in drug stores, grocery stores, libraries and are practically mandated as law, those of us more interested in a natural way to avoid the flu were happy to hear about this surprising finding.

First let me say, that the flu or any other contagious illness is most easily avoided by healthy lifestyle, healthy diet and proper stress and nutrition levels.


When 5 people are in the same room with someone with a cold, why is it that only one of them catches it? I am sure you have seen this before. The person most at risk is the one with the weakest immune system. After all, it is our immune systems that defend us EVERY DAY against germs and viruses that constantly surround us.

How can we support our immune systems? Chiropractic care on a regular basis has been shown to boost the patients immune system about 200%. Proper rest, hydration (especially once the heat comes on) diet and nutrition can help tremendously. Flu shots to be honest, have mixed results and at best help only then if officials have guessed at the proper strains to protect us from about a year in advance. When you configure the added chemicals like mercury, formaldehyde and anti freeze that are being injected into our systems, how can this make us more healthy ultimately? It has been shown that even catching the flu can protect us naturally against deadly strains of flu and make us less likely to catch the flu in future years.

Now, what is that vitamin that can cut your risk of flu almost in half?  Vitamin D. Most Americans are defficient in Vitamin D and it is critical for our mood in the winter as well as our immune systems. According to Dr Mercola:

“According to the findings from a 2010 study that didn’t get any widespread attention, vitamin D is a highly effective way to avoid influenza.

In fact, children taking low doses of Vitamin D3 were shown to be 42 percent less likely to come down with the flu.

The randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study included 430 children aged 6-15, who were followed between December 2008 and March 2009.

Half were given 1,200 IU’s of vitamin D3 daily, while the other half received a placebo.

Influenza strains were determined through lab testing of nose and throat swabs.

Eighteen of the children taking vitamin D contracted influenza Type A, compared to 31 children in the placebo group.

Type B influenza rates were unaffected by vitamin D use, however, the illness resulting from Type B influenza strains is typically milder than Type A.

Considering the fact that influenza was reduced by 42 percent at a dose of just 1,200 IU’s a day, it’s possible that even better results might be obtained with higher dosages—depending on just how deficient you are to begin with, of course, because it’s not really the dosage that matters; it’s the amount of vitamin D in your blood.”

In addition: Standard Process Cataplex D supports bone health, mineral absorption, the immune system, and cellular processes.

Encourages healthy calcium absorption from the intestinal tract into the blood
Supports a healthy immune response
Supports and maintains healthy bone density
Needed by almost every cell in the body for development and transcription
So, lets do what we can to avoid getting the flu this winter. Eat right, drink lots of water, take your vitamin D and get ADJUSTED!


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