Acid Reflux Disease or GIRD

Can Chiropractic Help Acid Reflux?

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Chiropractic may help acid reflux problems

Gastrointestinal reflux is not a disease. Acid reflux or GIRD is a syndrome, not a disease. It simply means, for some reason, your stomach acid is leaking up into your esophagus. It does not mean you have too much acid, it does not mean you have a “disease”.  However, it does mean you might have a serious situation that can lead to further complications, because it can. I would prefer to call is dis-ease, instead of disease. The damage of the leaking stomach acid can definitely cause damage to the esophagus and other tissue in the area.

One of the most common treatments by the medical profession for GIRD involves to acid blocking medication This they will be happy to leave you on for years at a time. Some examples may be  Nexium, Prilosec, and Acifex.  Most people know that stomach acid is important to digestion. What most people do not know is that stomach acid is critical to absorption or nutrients, most essentially minerals like calcium. These minerals can only be absorbed in a fully acid stomach. Otherwise, they are not absorbed and critical shortages can occur within a fairly short period of time.

How does chiropractic help GIRD?

Chiropractors, especially those trained in Applied Kinesiology techniques have been working with acid reflux and related syndromes like Hiatal Hernia for many years with good success. In our office we have helped many people get off those little “purple pills” and on to good health through natural means. Our success rate is quite high. Of course, not everyone can be helped, but many can and in a very reasonable amount of time. For some people even a little help is very welcome and brings them great comfort.

Our Asheville Chiropractic office is located in east Asheville and we are happy to provide safe and effective chiropractic treatments for the restoration of health.

What causes  “GIRD or Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease”?

  • Hiatal Hernia
  • Weak diaphram muscles
  • Poor digestion (sometimes ironically related to NOT ENOUGH stomach acid!)

Everyone knows not to lie down after eating and not to eat too much. These activities can cause great discomfort for people with GIRD.

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