Back Pain: Is It Dangerous to Ignore?

You may be surprised to learn that:

  • 80 – 90% of all adults will suffer with back pain some time in their lives?
  • Low back pain is the second leading cause of disability for people under age 45?
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    Back pain is in the top three causes of all visits to doctor’s offices?
    Annual costs of back pain in the United States are approaching $75 billion?
    Chances are good that you and just about everyone you know has experienced back pain – pain severe enough to limit or put on hold even enjoyable normal daily activities.

  • Often, those suffering from back pain view it as an inconvenience or annoyance to be ignored or treated with pills – pills that can, at best, only address their symptoms. It is important to remember that pain is one very important way the body has of letting us know it is distressed. If your back is hurting, your body is trying to tell you something. It may mean that your nervous system is under a state of dangerous tension, which can potentially cause problems more serious than just pain. It can cause interference in the nerves, lead to improper or uneven motion or movement in the joints, arthritis and disc tears. It can also lead to dysfunction in the internal systems that regulate our health.

Which Back Pain Is Most Dangerous to Ignore?

The most dangerous kind of back pain to ignore is the pain that radiates or causes weakness, numbness or tingling in the arm leg or hands.  The general rule I use is the further it radiates, the more dangerous it is to ignore.

Most people ignore their “back” for most of their lives. That is until, and see if this sounds familiar, one day we are reaching to pick up a coffee cup, or turning to vacuum a rug. Then seemingly out of nowhere we are overtaken by wrenching pain! How can such a simple action lead to major distress and discomfort? Usually the answer lies in the cumulative effects of one’s approach to life, physically, mentally and emotionally.

  • By ignoring early warning signals along the way, and avoiding regular spinal exams beginning at an early age, many people put themselves in a position of needing acute intervention at some point in their lives. They may often choose drugs or surgery as the answer. While these alternatives may be helpful for some, they are costly and usually do little to address the reason for the pain: an unhealthy spine.How then do we take care of ourselves? Obviously a healthy lifestyle, including a positive mental outlook, plenty of rest, and exercise, as well as a good diet, is a great start. So is regular chiropractic care. After all, our spines house the central nervous system, which controls virtually all the functions of the body every minute of every day. We tend to live longer these days and we want our spines to last a lifetime.
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