Patient Appreciation: Helping Others, Helping Yourself

Annual Patient Appreciation January 2015:

That’s right, it is that time of the year again. For over 18 years here at Whittington Chiropractic, we have held at least an annual event that gives back to the community. Many times in the past, the recipient has been MANNA FoodBank. Over the last few years we have literally raised thousands of pounds of food for the hungry people in WNC through MANNA FoodBank. Our practice members and patients have stated that they feel a deep sense of

Image of Dr. Whittington loading MANNA food truck
Loading the truck from MANNA Food Bank

gratification in being able to make a small contribution to helping hungry people in WNC. This is a great event and we are very proud of doing this for so many years. We have donated thousands of dollars of services. I know many of you will be happy to hear the “What’s in it for me?” part of this. Check out our special offer below.

Image of food raised by Whittington Chiropractic for MANNA Food Bank
Here is Symatha posing in front of food barrels from MANNA Food Bank. I think we filled 8 of them that year.

For New Patients:

For people who have not been in our office before: You will receive your detailed chiropractic intake, history of your concern, chiropractic exam, first report of findings and your first adjustment. Full value approximately: $150

For Current Patients/Practice Members:

You will receive a complimentary adjustment! Simple! (Full value: $45)

Here are the details:

Event Dates: Patient Appreciation Day for existing clients: Thursday, January 29 from 9-6. Chiropractic Opportunity Week for new clients: Week of January 26-30. How do you get these great opportunities? Simply bring in food. That’s it. Bring in food. We ask for a minimum of 1-2 generous bags of food in return for these services. What is the catch? There is no catch. However, we have a limited number or slots, and you must come in during the selected dates for the events. Further details: Offer valid for dates described only. You must bring food on Patient Appreciation Day or prior to that date to receive services. image of Dr Whittington loading food for MANNA FoodBankAll insurance is excluded for these visits. Certain insurance my prohibit free services such as Medicare, BCBS, etc. We are extremely grateful for your participation in these events and look forward to seeing you all!

Call Whittington Chiropractic in Asheville Today: 828-298-0011 to reserve your spot.

Most desired food donations: Dried/canned beans, food in a box, cereals and grains, peanut butter, hearty soups, canned fruits, and instant non-fat milk. 

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