Network Chiropractic: NSA

Network Spinal Analysis by an Experienced NSA Chiropractor

When most people think of a chiropractic visit, they envision twisting and “cracking” noises happening. Not so with the Network Chiropractor who practices Network Spinal Analysis (NSA). Check out this video produced by an NSA Chiropractor who explains how it works.

NSA chiropractors use a series of very precise and specific gentle touches at specific and precise areas of the spine. These “contacts” as they are designed to release tension and pressure along the spine and spinal muscles. These gentle Network contacts also serve to help the nervous system to better connect with itself to stimulate healing and enhance the body’s own natural ability to heal from past trauma. Many times, as care progresses, these healing strategies learned by the nerve system can become enhanced and progress to benefits that reach beyond pain relief.

The Network Spinal Analysis System

Dr. Donny Epstein developed the Network Chiropractic (Network Spinal Analysis) system to make what he felt were significant improvements in the results of traditional chiropractic methods of spinal adjustments. He noticed in his practice that if he adjusted certain segments of the spine before others, the body would often “self-correct” and move by itself in response to the adjustment of the first spinal segment.

It is the proper and precise application of the gentle forces in the preferred order that makes the gentle pressures effective. They are more than just random pressing on the spine. These pressures open up an intelligent communication with the nervous system that allows the practitioner to use less force and also achieve, according to research,  these listed benefits.

Since Network Spinal Analysis is a gentler application, using less force than in the traditional chiropractic it makes it an ideal choice for those who prefer a relaxing adjustment, those who may be compromised or injured and even/especially for babies and children as well as pregnant mothers.

Network chiropractic approaches focus on the order adjustments are performed in to release spinal cord tension to prevent or reduce the harsh twisting of the spinal column. The goal of network chiropractic is to use minimum force to produce the maximum results in tension reduction to add to overall health and wellness.

Network Chiropractic Methods Offer a Wholeness Approach to Care

As the spinal cord is connected to the brain and the brain and the spinal cord form the body’s central nervous system, NSA chiropractic doctors believe that individual’s state of mind and well being is improved when spinal cord tension is relieved through gentle methods of adjustment called “entrainment”.

The healing philosophy of Network Chiropractic (NSA) is one of whole body awareness and well being. NSA practitioners hold the philosophy that the spinal cord is central to the health of the nervous system and consciousness it is gentle enough for infants and seniors yet powerful enough to go head to head with the most serious concerns.

Serving Asheville and Beyond

Dr. Tom Whittington was one of the very first fully certified NSA practitioners in the country. For several years, he was the only certified NSA doctor in the southeast. Dr. Whittington has been a student of Dr. Epstein for over 3 decades.

Dr. Whittington was also chosen to participate in the largest research project ever done on chiropractic care. He received special recognition from the University of California at Irvine department of Neuroanatomy and Neurobiology for his participation. This study, which focused on Network Chiropractic, helped uncover many previously unknown or proven benefits of chiropractic.

Call us at 828-298-0011 to discover the powerful and gentle healing that a Network Chiropractor offers.  Contact our office for a consultation to see if this approach could be of benefit to you.

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