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For years, people ask me “What is it exactly that you do? You combine a unique set of modalities into the sessions that you offer.” My mentor and good friend, Dr. Jeff Rockwell, D.C., DOMT and I coined a term for our combined tool kit. The name ChiroSomatics was born and literally means using your hands to connect to your inner self.

Keep reading to find more specific details and links to the techniques that comprise a ChiroSomatics entrainment:


ChiroSomatics is a principle-centric approach to wellness that reshapes the outdated concept of treating symptoms and, instead, focuses on healing as a holistic practice. It is one that understands the source of balance, vitality, and life as your entire being, and that true healing extends far beyond addressing the part of you that’s hurting right now.

Dr. Omri locates the stations of the body where years of stress, physical strain, diet, negative emotions, chemical intake, and mental fatigue have accumulated.

This tension can be stored in the muscles, bones, nerves, and organs and can manifest itself as pain in different parts of body – pain that can’t be released without healing at the source.

ChiroSomatics is not a technique. It is based on long-standing principles, a way of understanding the body and mind that puts the power to heal in your own hands.



Chirosomatics Entrainment – Gentle Body Work

You can’t snap or pop your way to feeling good. A ChiroSomatic entrainment releases tension from the spine through light touch or pulse and gentle movement. It guides the nervous system, bones, muscles and joints into a rhythmic groove that ignites the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Think of it this way. Applying force is an aggressive response to pain. In turn, you can expect an equally aggressive response from the body. A ChiroSomatics entrainment is a quiet, calming and thoughtful way to engage your body, connect with it, accept what it gives, and free it to heal.

Below, you will find more specific details and links to the techniques that comprise a ChiroSomatics entrainment:

Network Chiropractic Care (aka) Network Spinal Analysis or Network Spinal

When most people think of a chiropractic visit, they envision some sort of manipulation, twisting and “cracking” of the vertebrae. That is not the case under guidance of a Network Chiropractor. Check out this video produced by a Network Chiropractor who explains how it works.

Network chiropractors use a series of very precise, specific , and gentle touches to the spine. These contacts are mostly focused on the areas of the spine where the spinal cord is attached to bone. Think of a string instrument. It’s attached to the structure at both ends and to fine tune it, you don’t need to do anything along the middle part of the string, but rather tune the entire vibration or tone from the ends.

These contacts foster a release of tension and pressure along the spinal system, which controls and coordinates the tone or tension of the entire body. This fine tuning allows the nervous system to better connect with itself and to guide the body’s own natural ability to heal from past trauma. As care progresses, these healing strategies learned by client through the nerve system can become enhanced and progresses to benefits that reach far beyond pain relief.


The Network Spinal Analysis System

Dr. Donny Epstein developed the Network Chiropractic (Network Spinal Analysis) system to make what he felt were significant improvements in the results of traditional chiropractic methods of spinal adjustments. He noticed in his practice that if he adjusted certain segments of the spine before others, the body would often “self-correct” and move by itself in response to the adjustment of the first spinal segment.

It is the proper and precise application of the gentle forces in the preferred order that makes the gentle pressures effective. They are more than just random pressing on the spine. These pressures open up an intelligent communication with the nervous system that allows the practitioner to use less force and also achieve, according to research,  these listed benefits.

Since Network Spinal Analysis is a gentler application using less force than traditional chiropractic, it makes it an ideal choice for those who prefer less force and a more meditative type of experience.

Dr. Omri has achieved a level 3 certified NSA practitioner in 2007. He obtained his certification with Dr. Donny Epstein, the founder and developer of Network Care.

Watch a video of Donny Epstein explaining “The Evolution of Network” and you might even recognize the bald guy sitting in the front row!

Network chiropractors are like a family. We refer to one another across the country, and very commonly someone drops into our practices searching for a doctor that provides this unique and honoring approach to getting cleared out and rebalanced.


Zero Balancing

Developed by Fritz Smith, MD in the early 1970s, Zero Balancing (ZB) is a powerful body-mind therapy that teaches skilled touch to bring balance to body structure and energy. The practitioner uses finger pressure and gentle traction on areas of tension in the bones, joints and soft tissue to create fulcrums, or points of balance, around which the body can relax and reorganize.

By addressing the deepest and densest tissues of the body along with soft tissue and energy fields, Zero Balancing helps to clear chronic tension and blocks in the body’s energy flow.  ZB has been shown to reduce stress, amplify vitality and promote better postural alignment. After a balancing session you may feel lighter, freer, energized and more in tune with yourself.

Here’s a short video about Zero Balancing from Dr. Fritz Smith, M.D., its founder and developer. Dr. Omri had the distinct honor of receiving his Zero Balancing certification from Dr. Fritz Smith at Esalen in Big Sur, California in 2012.

Learn more about ZB here.

Torque Release Technique

Torque Release Technique (TRT) was developed by Dr. Jay Holder out of respect for non-mechanistic, non-linear timed sequence adjusting priorities and embraces “The Brain Reward Cascade” model. TRT combines the best of existing chiropractic techniques and principles, quantum physics and the body/mind connection; creating the first integrated chiropractic system for the second century of chiropractic.

Torque Release Technique is a model that utilizes the multi-factorial approaches pioneered in the following techniques:

  • Thomson Terminal Point
  • Van Rumpt, D.N.F.T.
  • DeJarnette, S.O.T.
  • Logan Basic
  • Toftness
  • Palmer Upper Cervical
  • Network Chiropractic Spinal Analysis

In 1994, the Holder Research Institute discovered that only vertebrates have opiate receptor site brain reward, establishing the vertebral subluxation complex as the hallmark of insult of the vertebrate’s ability to express a state of well-being to its fullest potential.

“The Brain Reward Cascade” is a scientific model that provides an understanding of the neurophysiological mechanisms of how the meso-limbic system expresses a state of well-being. A lack of state of well-being is referred to as Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS). The vertebral motor unit and the dorsal horn are the common denominators. Due to its intimate relationship to the “The Brain Reward Cascade”, a subluxation-free spine becomes mandatory for the expression of one’s greatest potential. If subluxated, reward Deficiency Syndrome is manifest.

“The transition from the mechanistic model of disease versus health, in which we have been stuck for so many years, to a vitalistic model of wellness can be the hallmark of the coming millennium.

Dr. Omri has studied alongside Dr. Holder as a chiropractic student and has kept current in the developments of the technique. Dr. Omri was also acknowledged for starting the first “technique club” at Parker Chiropractic College (now called Parker University) that was not taught on campus.

Learn more about Torque Release Technique here.


Manual Neuroscience

Manual Neuroscience offers an approach to healing inspired by Dr. Jeff Rockwell, D.C., DOMP. Dr. Rockwell is a chiropractor, Canadian osteopath, body worker and somatic educator, with a passionate interest in the neuroscience of manual therapy. A pioneer in the use of instrumentation in neuromuscular therapy, Rockwell has been a popular teacher on the seminar circuit for the past 30 years. Professor of Clinical Sciences at Parker University for many years, he is the author and producer of numerous manuals, books, and DVDs on neuromuscular therapy and somatic education, including his most recent publication, “The Memory Palace of Bones: Exploring Embodiment Through the Skeletal System” (co-authored with Zero Balancing instructor David Lauterstein). Dr. Rockwell is a member of the Continuing Education faculty for Parker University and Life Chiropractic College West.

Manual Neuroscience incorporates many techniques and modalities in the healing arts, including Rolfing, Myofascial Therapy, Classical Cranial Osteopathy, Dermo Neuro Modulation, Visceral Manipulation and advanced vitalistic chiropractic techniques and principles.

Dr. Jeff and Dr. Omri have known each other since 1997, when Omri was his student at Parker Chiropractic College. They have spent countless hours of training and dialoguing, and have been formulating ideas and touch skills to help advance and contribute to the field of healing arts.

Jeff and Omri are currently writing a book inspired by the seminar they co-teach with Dr. Bruce Lipton, titled “Embodying the Biology of Belief – a Vitalistic Approach to Living a Fulfilled Life”.

Here’s a video of Dr. Rockwell explaining a bit of his philosophy of touch.

Instrument Assisted Adjusting

Dr. Omri utilizes advanced instrument-adjusting tools as a part of his repertoire. The unique vibration and pulses per second of these tools stimulate the mechanical receptors in the joints throughout the spine and body. This in turn helps to create a rich input to the brain, which fosters a new rich output. This novel cycle is what helps to reorganize pain patters and interrupts the stuck energy of held tension that can be stubborn and create disfunction throughout the bodymind.

Here’s a link to the creators of the Arthrostim and Vibracussor instuments.


Nutrition Response Testing (NRT)

NRT is a safe, natural and non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of ill health. When these causes are found and corrected through natural, nutritional means, the body can repair itself and maintain more optimum health.

NRT is very precise and scientific. However, if we were to analyze you using NRT before it was explained to you, you might find it strange, or simply not believable – only because it is probably very different from anything you have used or experienced.

In NRT we do not diagnose or treat disease as in medical practices.

We analyze, assess your body’s current health status, and design a personalized health improvement program.

Simply put, first we do an analysis, and then we design a nutritional program to help you handle what was uncovered in our analysis of your body and condition.

The analysis is done by testing the body’s neurological reflexes.

The reflexes are the body’s way of telling us what and how your nervous system is doing—as it is the nervous system’s responsibility to regulate the body’s functions for each and every organ. The testing includes organs, glands, joints, muscles, etc.

Instead of connecting electrodes to the areas being tested, the practitioner does the analysis by contacting your extended arm with one hand and contacts the specific reflex area with the other hand. If the tested reflex is stressed, your nervous system will respond by reducing energy to the extended arm which will weaken and cause it to drop. This drop signifies underlying stress or dysfunction which can be affecting your health. Once the underlying stress is corrected, this weak muscle response will no longer occur.

Following your consultation, Dr. Omri will offer you results in a way that you can understand, with a specific nutritional program to follow. Depending on your individual situation, he might also require that you make some specific changes in your diet & eating habits, and in your routines, to bring about the best possible results.

Learn more about Nutrition Response Testing

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Biofeedback Training

The analysis of HRV serves as a dynamic window into the function and balance of the autonomic nervous system. HRV is an important indicator of health and fitness.

As a marker of physiological resilience and behavioral flexibility, it reflects our ability to adapt effectively to stress and environmental demands.

HeartMath technology is an innovative approach to improving emotional wellbeing. Through technology and training, anyone can learn to change their heart rhythm pattern to create physiological coherence; a scientifically measurable state characterized by increased order and harmony in our mind, emotions, and body.

Dr. Omri is a HeartMath Certified Provider – he trains clients on using the somatic activities and technological tools as taught by The HeartMath Institute.

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